Isaac Joseph Consulting is a small advisory team led by Isaac Joseph.


Much of our ongoing work with private clients remains confidential, however current examples include the following:


For Collectors and Patrons

  • We work with an international philanthropist and arts patron, overseeing all aspects of art advisory services, distilling the focus of the collection, providing access to works, market analysis, guiding the selection of emerging and established artists, and ongoing engagements with a list of prominent cultural institutions.

  • We oversee the development of a corporate foundation, utilizing the contemporary art landscape to support social change, through strategic alignments with a list of international contemporary artists, curators and collectors, including a juried prize, residencies, and an independent space linked to urban renewal.

  • We facilitated the acquisition of a major site-specific installation for the permanent collection of a leading American contemporary institution on behalf of an international collection, negotiating for the artist, and working closely with the museum to ensure frequency of public exposure and promotion of the work.

  • We conceptualized and successfully launched a company to produce a series of high-profile exhibitions in Eastern Europe for American collectors with ties to the region, uniting international contemporary artists and curators with local artists and institutions to create a bridge between Eastern Europe and the West.

For Arts Institutions and Brands

  • We routinely identify and develop relationships with international collectors and curators on behalf of high-profile institutions and have established ongoing strategic support networks, including designing an international patrons council for a major European arts institution.

  • We are exploring the development of an ongoing commercial initiative to support artist productions in Asia, Latin American and the USA, as well as the establishment of an exclusive virtual exhibition platform in partnership with emerging and established international artists, galleries and contemporary institutions.

  • We negotiate creative partnerships with international artists and institutions, conceptualize ongoing initiatives, and successfully develop ongoing collaborations on behalf of a leading global luxury brand.

  • We developed and implemented a series of international exhibitions with leading emerging artists, engaging with the media to promote the initiatives, generating exposure for artists, curators and dealers, and overseeing all elements of production from inception to completion on behalf of international private dealers.

  • We contribute editorial content and produce original artist projects for international art, fashion and lifestyle publications, profiling leading international artists.